Economic Development

Attract more businesses.

Attract more diverse types of business – to provide resiliency in future economic downturns.

Work to attract services and jobs for residents.


Support our students and families to keep students engaged and successful.

Work with businesses to sponsor efforts to improve student attendance and achievements.

Develop ways to support students for continued education – college or trade schools to break the poverty cycle.


Work to revive our hot springs spa industry.

Make DHS the Health and Wellness destination of choice to area visitors.

Leverage our proximity to Joshua Tree and Sands to Snow Monument to demonstrate that it's not all about Palm Springs.

Integrity & Respect

Bring respect to our city by how I interact with my peers from other cities.

Bring respect to my position by ensuring my actions show my commitment to the residents and the city.

Work and operate with integrity to restore residents’ trust in our city’s leaders.

Demonstrate by my actions and efforts that DHS will no longer be an afterthought for Coachella Valley’s many organizations and programs.