I have known Robert Griffith since 2000 and consider him to be extremely trustworthy and ethical. He applies himself wholly to any task or job he undertakes. The people of Desert Hot Springs are lucky to have him as an option for City Council.
- Kathie Wilson
- Sharon Bennett
I am endorsing Robert Griffith because I have worked for him now for five years and I trust his judgment and love his passion for Desert Hot Springs. We need someone as dedicated as Robert to be on our city Council. So please read all he has to offer and you will learn how much he has dedicated himself to the city council in the past. I'm voting for Robert Griffith.
- Carla Hamill
I've known Robert for more than 20 years. He is caring and makes sure everyone is able to be supportive of various things. Go Robert....
- Pat Bishop
I have come to DHS on several occasions and since Robert has been on the city council I have seen a great change in the community.
- Helena Apothaker
When I met Robert Griffith in March 2019, I immediately knew he was a mover-and-shaker for the Desert Hot Springs community. I was planning an industry conference for the Hot Springs Connection and Robert was a wonderful resource. His assistance was extremely valuable to me and to the success of the event. He introduced me to key players at the City who then welcomed our nationwide group with open arms. The reception they hosted at Cabot's Museum was outstanding and showcased Desert Hot Springs as a reemerging spa destination. Robert also took it upon himself to plan an extensive behind-the-scenes tour for all our participants. We visited several geothermal properties and learned how they operate. I truly value my friendship with Robert. He is a devoted advocate for your city and envisions great things for your future. His leadership will take Desert Hot Springs to new heights!
- Vicky Nash
- Scott Matas
Mayor, City of Desert Hot Springs
I was very proud to nominate Robert Griffith to fill the vacant seat on our City Council, and pleased my fellow council members agreed and appointed him. Since then I’ve seen first-hand how much he cares for Desert Hot Springs, and how he always puts the city first. Electing Robert Griffith is the best things we can do to continue the progress the city has made over the last few years. He thoroughly thinks issues through and while he may not say much on the Dias, what he does say is well thought out and regardless of politics, puts the city first. His integrity and ethics and vision are just what Desert Hot Springs needs. That’s why I’m voting for Robert Griffith for City Council.
- Gary Gardner
City Council, City of Desert Hot Springs
Robert is just amazing and I couldn’t possibly think of a better fit for city council!
- Julienne Brown
I have the honor of knowing Robert Griffith for the past 4 years.. they say you know what the Pearson is made of in the not so great situations and that’s all I have seen from him not only does he cares for his work business but for all the community’s well being. I have no doubt that he will do a great job as our city council. / Yo doy mi Apollo a Robert Griffith. Llevo 4 años de conocerlo fuera y dentro del ambiente laboral, lo que me a dado la oportunidad de ver cuanto significa el bienestar de la ciudad de Desert Hot Springs para el .. es una persona con principio morales, respeto y honestidad por cada uno de los habitantes de esta ciudad. Estoy segura que el ara un excelente trabajo y seguirá trabajando ardua mente para que esta comunidad siga progresando.
- Maria Ayala
- Sharon Bennett
I have known Robert since the 90s. He has creatively pursued owning his own business, as well as advancing through leadership positions within companies for which he has worked. He is dedicated to excellence and doing the right thing consistently. He is intelligent and savvy with a mind for analytics. Robert is highly personable! He does not shy from confronting issues that need decisive and persistent action. He has the uncanny ability to do so with humor. Robert is perfect for city council. He has served and will serve DHS well and do the city proud.
- Sharon Martens
Robert is smart; he prepares 100% for council meetings; and knows how to work with other council members; but he does not tolerate inappropriate council member behavior. While he understands the financial constraints sound fiscal policy dictates, he also knows when its wise to invest.
- Audrey & Courtney Moe
Robert has earned his seat on the City Council. He exudes maturity and common sense, and we all benefit from his financial expertise and ability to delve into the details that really matter. Business owners should be happy that Robert understands their challenges, and every resident should sleep better at night knowing that he has a plan for giving our kids the tools they need to become successful and productive adults, for improving the image of our City, and for strengthening businesses and residents as they recover economically from the Corona Virus. Robert is exactly what DHS needs.
- James Nindel
- Russ Martin
Mission Springs Water District Board Vice President
I have known Robert Griffith since 2000 and consider him to be extremely trustworthy and ethical. He applies himself wholly to any task or job he undertakes. The people of Desert Hot Springs are lucky to have him as an option for City Council.
- Kathie Wilson
- John Aguilar
Mayor, Cathedral City