About Robert Griffith

Councilman Robert Griffith

My name is Robert Griffith and I am running for Desert Hot Springs City Council this November.

I am currently on the City Council, having been appointed unanimously in 2019 to fill a vacant seat when a previous council member resigned. Prior to that, I was a member of the DHS Planning Commission.

I moved to Desert Hot Springs 8 years ago, drawn here by the unparalleled views, better weather (despite the wind) and most importantly, a community of people who genuinely care about their city. The people I met here inspired me to be more than just a resident, I wanted to get involved in helping the city grow and prosper. My background in business has given me some of the tools necessary to contribute to that end. From retail and foodservice to insurance and financial planning led me to open my own business where I learned marketing, accounting, and budgeting. I then transitioned to healthcare contracting services, where I also focused on general and labor law, having worked in multiple states. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Global Business Management.

I am presently the Managing Director of the El Morocco Inn and Day Spa, President of the Hoteliers Association, member of the Hot Springs Business & Trade Association and the Greater Palm Springs Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. My involvement in these organizations has led to positive International exposure for our city, including the first-ever Hot Springs Connection Conference which brought over a 120 resort owners and operators to Desert Hot Springs from all over the United States and 4 foreign countries.

I firmly believe that Desert Hot Springs is the most underrated city in the Coachella Valley. Our time has come. We are all struggling in this time of pandemic and economic uncertainty. The support we give each other is a testament to the most precious resource we have...our community. We have established a sound financial foundation that will help us through this crisis and proceed on the right path. With your help, I will continue my part on that journey.

I hope you will join me in making Desert Hot Springs an even better place to live, work and play!